QuickBooks Desktop will not connect

InIitial setup in QuickBooks.
QB company must be fully setup with accounts.and a sales tax agency.
User will need THE ADMIN credentials for QuickBooks. Run in single use mode, all others must be logged out.
In QuickBooks, Edit Menu, set the following company preferences.
Integrated Applications, Allow
Inventory, Allow
Estimates, Allow
Do you charge Sales Tax - YES
Setup QuickBooks connection Menu.
QB Menu gives options for product item. subitem heirarchy and Group Bid items (set to off)
BidMagic permissions:
Navigate to BidMagic folder in C:/Program Files (x86). Right click to set properties. Uncheck Read only. Then click on Security tab and make sure all users have security rights allowed.
Locate COREOBJX in BidMagic folder and Run/Install.
Run BidMagic as administrator and after opening, position it small on screen to allow popup of certificate.
Set QB to lower right of screen to allow popup of certificate.
In BidMagic,click on send to QB estimate.
Certificate should pop up. Choose connect even if QBooks is not running. Always login as admin. Confirm and connection should run, sending estimate as confirmation.
Notes: ADMIN rights are REQUIRED.
If a reconnection fails, Remove BidMagic from Integrated Applications and try to re-establish. 
Do NOT uncheck Bidmagic in the Integrated application list or it will be prohibited to connect.

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