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Install Note:
Please close both BidMagic and QuickBooks.  Please be aware if you are using QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, all users will need to be logged out.
Confirm this by opening the task manager, if QB32 is running, select the entry and end task!
The first connection between BidMagic and QuickBooks will require you to log into QuickBooks as a single user and using the Administrators login.
The Interface is designed to operate inside BidMagic.  The interface files must be run inside the BidMagic folder on your hard drive, inside Program files.
If you are using a 32 or 64 bit system, these are the locations where the
Interface files will need to run.
32bit systems
64bit systems
C:\Program Files\BidMagic
C:\Program Files(x86)\BidMagic
To make it easier for BidMagic to communicate with QuickBooks, the windows environment should have the file the following file properties updated.
The file permissions on the BidMagic folder should have the following settings.
File Permissions
  1. Inside of C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files, go to the BidMagic folder.
  2. Right Click on the BidMagic folder and view properties; select the security tab and then edit.
The items
Trusted Installer”,
Users” and
Administrators should be granted to “AllowFull Control
After select Apply and then OK and OK once more.
Next is the Interface.
Inside the BidMagic folder listed is the core file that needs to be run, it is called.
Please Right-click on the file and select install.
Getting the connection made between BidMagic, the interface and QuickBooks.
Locate the Shortcut for QuickBooks on your desktop, right-click on it,”Run as Administrator.”
Log into QuickBooks as the administrator in single user mode
Locate the Shortcut for BidMagic on your desktop, right-click on it,”Run as Administrator.”
As mentioned earlier in this guide.
  1. Please start QuickBooks as the administrator and in single user mode.
  2. Start BidMagic and create a simple test proposal with only one item on it.
  3. Navigate to the QuickBooks menu in BidMagic and select “Send BidMagic Bid to QuickBooks Estimate.”  This will initialize the connection between the two programs.
QB Choose.jpgThe first screen you will see will say choose estimate format, as a new comer to the interface, we suggest you use “one estimate for all job phases” until you get more familiar on how utilize this feature in the future.  The next window to open is informing you of the synchronization progress.  It will state it is initializing QuickBooks.  This will be followed by the QuickBooks Certificate allowing the two programs to communicate without QuickBooks running; followed by a confirmation allowing access.
 QB certif.jpg
The next window will ask about sales tax details, confirming the rate and the agency you pay it to in QuickBooks.
We’ll assume this is the first connection between BidMagic and QuickBooks, so there will be some decisions needed in the next phase, namely;
Type (Inventory part, Non-Inventory part, Service, Other Charge) This is referring to what type of product it may be.
Account (depending on the previous choice, it could be a sales item or a cost of goods sold item)
Please select “OK” to add the item to QuickBooks and subsequently the estimate.
You will receive a message notifying you of a successful import.
Please confirm that the information was transferred to QuickBooks successfully by going to QuickBooks home page, selecting estimates and then pressing the previous button to list the last entry.
As you get more involved with the QuickBooks Interface in BidMagic, you will notice many options you will want to take advantage of.
“Send QuickBooks Data to BidMagic”
“Send BidMagic Data to QuickBooks”
“Send BidMagic Bid to QuickBooks Estimate”
“Send BidMagic Bid to QuickBooks Invoice”
“Send BidMagic Bid to QuickBooks Sales Order”
Each one has multiple layers involving client information, product data and supplier info.
If you are experiencing installation issues, please contact the support department.
There are 2 methods of contacting BidMagic Technical support; the simplest way is to create a support ticket through the BidMagic website.
Alternately, the BidMagic Tech Support department is available weekdays from 8:00-4:00pm pacific time at (800) 598-5860 X2.

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